This is a game about regrets, over-indulgence and being impulsive.

It serves as precursor or set up to the other two pieces I did - that had to do with self-improvement. This game was about self-destruction.

The aesthetic was suppose to be fun, very messy and chaotic, almost as if the game was falling apart the more you played.

Rather ironically, the project itself ended up actually falling apart.

As you can see when you play the game, the score increasing and the point sound effect is going off - the only issue is that for some reason the objects don't destroy on impact anymore like they used. I've checked the script and components, I didn't change anything - I'm not sure why this is happening.

I decided to track back into the repository to see if I could jump back to where I was, but it still refuses to work.

Essentially though, what I tried to make is here. The timer hits zero and you are taken to a game over screen and you can restart from there, there's music, there's moving objects, there's a score tracker, sound effects for the score.

I am very disappointed that this happened, it was the first project I was really happy with until all of this went wrong in the last minutes. A major issue is that despite searching the repository, this break continues to happen even with the previously working areas.

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Published156 days ago
StatusIn development