A downloadable game for macOS

The Pitch

A small-scale toy box/sand-box styled game that shifts back and forth between 2D & 3D.

The Story

You're a young wealthy professional, looking to find a change of pace from the giant vape-cloud of a city, you've been living in. You're looking for something quiet and quaint.

You find the perfect, cosy little neighborhood... and what's this? It's super affordable! You move in and quickly realize you've brought a lot more to this little neighborhood than just your friendly-neighbor smile.

The Gameplay

- Play in 2D and first person.

- Choose your pace, explore and place blocks/buildings.

- Toy-like interaction.

- You decide what you want to do. (Sand-box.)

- Fun, light, shut-down and unwind.

- Fly around on your endless stream of cash.

- Engage with the parody of popular brands.

- Mouse & WASD.

- Mac & Windows compatible.


GentrificationGameMac.app.zip 23 MB